Support the Network

Fellow Freedom Cell Members,

As our network grows so too does our need for upgrades to our infrastructure and efforts to get the word out about the network on a large scale.

What has been built thus far has been accomplished entirely through volunteer efforts. All of the funding for the site, hosting, and web work has been paid out of pocket by the creators of the network.

At this time we would like to ask you for financial support so we can take this effort  to the next level.

All funds raised will go to the following uses.

1. maintenance and improvement

2. Advertising and recruitment for the Freedom Cell Network

For now here is how you can contribute…..


Send funds to this handle – @miriam-gomez-5   Put FC in the memo.


Bitcoin – bc1qu56vqarrcn4ygglheldhvnpxz73gktgsfygg04

Bitcoin Cash – qqgvarl2v9tz9euadlg8kx8fymgklj4gjv8jz96pyc

Dash – XhzR8aJrfXnTaZd8PFSudxJgDNQSer8xsg

Ethereum – 0x0C87d75aE771025a392D6e94DAD4d18A91b6a625

Litecoin – MQsW2ZWcZtrpgVr4NgSMkXctxehEoJ8dGa

LBRY Credits – lbc1qqtdqzh54ywawq37xjkyt0c2rjh6eazkzweywzv

Monero – 437JSvc6KpxeAATJ5cGXwgesbwYoupjtcX1C7WgqKxpZ6VokyD4NQp1AsZvzburbWkYwnjzbYSAhD6ZPb157L8n8SDxShnf

Zcash – t1RaB4VwRL5dHj19MnFcTxtRmjqxQgjwHRu