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What are Freedom Cells?

Freedom Cells are local, peer to peer groups typically consisting of 8 people. Cell members organize themselves in a decentralized manner with the goal of empowering group members through education, peaceful non-compliance, and the creation of parallel institutions. Think of it as your activist support network.

Why do we need them?

We are being isolated from our community by authoritarian law, invasive technology, and divisive culture. Tyranny and technocracy are on the rise. A local support network has never been more important for our health, liberty, and success.

How to get involved

To join the network: Register on the site, create your profile, connect with others in your area, and begin creating your own cells.

We will never sell or give out your information.






Create or join your own Freedom Cell, an online place for your cell to share updates, knowledge, and drive in-person organization. 


Find local Freedom Cells and other like-minded individuals in your area using our maps. Make real connections and build communities in-person.


Connect with members to get their contact information and send direct messages. Share expertise and build relationships.


Organize events and add them to the public calendar. Find new events nearby!


Browse local listings, and trade on the peer to peer exchange. 



Freedom Cells are local, self-directed peer to peer groups of approximately 8 people.

Cell members organize themselves in a decentralized manner with no member having authority over other participants. The cells work towards empowering one another and the network as a whole. Through education, peaceful non-compliance, and the creation of parallel institutions. Think of it as your activist support network.

Local cells work together to accomplish common goals, including but not limited to:

  • hosting skill shares
  • ensuring food storage 
  • setting up encrypted communications
  • creating emergency plans 
  • learning self defense methods

All the while, cell members make themselves readily available to render mutual aid to their tribe, in whatever form that may come.

As the group expands beyond the initial 8 members, or the “inner cadre”, they begin to organize themselves into additional cells. These individual cells form organically and may be focused on special interests (parenting, crypto, prepping),  geographic location, or creating alternative institutions. For example, a cell might start a local marketplace for exchanging goods or parents in a cell may pull their kids out of government school and form a homeschool coop. Freedom Cell members are encouraged to build parallel institutions so as to create resiliency and independence within the network

Why the number 8?

We encourage you not to be overwhelmed, confused, or intimidated by the 8 person cadre concept. If you have a group of 4, start a Freedom Cell and work towards 8 people! If you have 10 people you can absolutely accomplish goals and get organized. Ultimately, if you are setting goals and achieving them - then you are doing it right! Find out more in the Freedom Cell Manual.

Through building and supporting alternative systems such as local food networks, health services, mutual defense groups, counter-economies and communication networks, Freedom Cell members will be able to decouple themselves from the state and other institutions they deem unworthy of their support.

Once groups become large enough in numbers, it becomes possible for participants to opt out in mass and provide for their common wants and needs through the new systems they have created. 

The ultimate goal of the network is to build the parallel systems capable of securing the freedom of community members for generations to come. We are building our own free society.

This is what we call The Freedom Cell Network. Join us.


Cells and participants remain aligned with The Freedom Cell Network so long as they act in adherence with the 5 following principles. Keep these in mind when organizing your cells in the real world, as well as on the website when making posts, creating cells, and organizing events.

We reserve the right to remove/disconnect cells from our network that do not align with these principles.


The Freedom Cell Network is decentralized, horizontally organized, and operates through voluntary association. No one person or group has authority over another. This allows the knowledge and decision making of the group to be diffused among group members. Cells should not be dependent on 1 or 2 people to function.


The Freedom Cell Network is international in scale with cells in many countries around the world. The most important presence of Freedom Cells is at the local level, where members build community relationships and work together towards common goals. Local connections are the most direct source for collaboration and assistance.


Our mantra is “Assume Everyone knows the problems, Focus on the Solutions!”. This website and the Network in general are not meant to be places to discuss the latest conspiracy theory or to obsess over what “They” are doing. We only have a limited amount of time and energy, lets use that time to take action!


The Freedom Cell Network does not condone, support, or endorse the initiation of violence against individuals, government officials, or corporations. We are a peaceful movement focused on creating not destroying. We are for building new institutions and parallel systems, not violent revolution. The FC Network does however support all individuals right to self-defense.


The Freedom Cell Network is focused on building, not voting, lobbying, or politicking. Politics is not the solution to our current problems and we are not waiting around for politicians to make the world a better place. We are taking responsibility for ourselves and our community by working together to create the parallel systems needed secure our freedom. To be clear, the promotion of political candidates or issues is not welcome on the FC website or within the network.

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