Contact & Support

Pre-Support Checklist

Do these before you ask for help:

  1. Is your account’s email typed in correctly?
  2. Is your verification email in your spam folder?
  3. Are you using a yahoo email? Sometimes these have issues – can you try another email.
  4. Try deleting your cookies / clearing the cache?
  5. Try using a different browser? (Chrome and Firefox should work well)
  6. Can you turn off your ad blocker?

Support Checklist

Please send along the following information with your request in order to receive support.

  • Your email (make sure this is spelled correctly, this is required)
  • Describe the issue you’re facing
  • What page is it on, provide a link.
  • What should you be seeing, what do you see instead?
  • What were you doing directly before and after?
  • Are you on mobile? What browser are you using?